Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What I've been doing Lately...

Well, it's only about 4 days before I have to go to work for six hours a day for a whole week! I know, it's tempting to feel really bad for me, but save your tears. It's my cross to bear.
I'll be working at the North Dakota Museum of Art's Day Camp next week as a helper monkey with kids ages 6-13. It should be pretty fun, I think. So, I've been asking myself, "what have you got to show for all this time off?' I decided I wanted to look at all the stuff at once to make myself feel accomplished: (star wipe, please.)
Screen-printed business cards
business card design
Custom screen-printed business cards are now available in my shop thanks to a a couple customer inquiries. Above are two orders I completed last week.
Red Poppy Placemats and Napkins
Turquoise Napkins with Brown Branch Print
Maize Napkins and Placemats with Black Leafy Print
New Napkins and Placemats...
Gee Thanks! orange envelopes
Gee Thanks! bamboo envelopes
The "Gee, Thanks!" card. Yes, it's Fashion-Plate inspired, and no, I will never stop talking about fashion plates and how cool they are and how much I love them.
I made some paintings, too, I swear...

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