Friday, April 16, 2010


Crafty! Loud, Proud and Crafty!
I am just popping in to give you a sneak preview of a new design...printed on tank tops for your summertime happiness! Goodness I'm exclamation pointy tonight!
These are unisex tri-cranberry heather American Apparel tank tops, and are going to be available in sizes XS-XL so everyone can have one:) Better product photos are in the near future.
I also printed the design on some tote bags, several of which I sort of screwed up. I'm kind of a tote novice...the parts of the tote where the handles are attached are not a nice flat surface for printing, so I ended up with some irregularities on the top of the print. {A before photo would have been a nice touch here.} But then I fixed them by covering up the oops with....wait for it....SEWING!

Can you believe it? I really don't have the patience for sewing, but I knew I had to do something, so I scared up some vintage calico scraps and got to work. And I cursed and struggled with the bobbin and slammed the presser foot on my finger a bunch of times. And I used fabric glue, so everything was sticky. By the end I was covered in several tiny threads and had mistakenly sewn many of the totes closed. It was a long day in the studio.

Nonetheless I am pleased with how they turned out.


melissa said...

oooooh! i am loving the new tote bags! fantastic!

boothbuddyjoj said...

way to make it work, michy. tim gunn would be proud.